New Trend: Straw Slippers

New Trend: Straw Slippers

In the future, we will also share a great video for those who are wondering how to make straw slippers. If you are one of those who gets caught up in the flow of straw slippers this year, you should definitely see these great models. Unlike any Wicker slippers on the market, these slippers are completely handmade. Carefully collected materials are ready to be knitted after long efforts, and when knitted, they are beautiful enough to make the whole world run after them.

How To Make Straw Slippers ?

In order to knit straw slippers, a special material is required that is not necessarily high quality and breakable, but can be knitted so easily. These materials, which grow in almost every wetland, are suitable for knitting straw slippers when they complete different stages of construction. Straw slippers models also have sandals in our gallery, and I liked the straw slippers in the first visual. If you are thinking of buying one straw slippers this year, you should definitely look at our photo gallery.

Straw Slippers Prices

All handmade Wicker slippers are a little expensive for this reason. Each straw Slipper model below costs $ 15-50. In our country, there are not yet handmade straw slippers, so the only alternative is to buy them from abroad, but if you say that they do not have to be handmade, many companies have included straw slippers in their collection. Their prices are increasing by not starting with $ 45.

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