Most Popular 7+ Men of Istanbul Jet-Set Society

Everyone wants a good family, a happy home. Rich, strong, handsome
finding a wife is every young girl’s dream.

The favorite singles of the world of business, art and society fit these definitions very well, and they adorn the dreams of young girls from all walks of life, especially jet-set societies.

They’re rich, handsome, and famous, and all eyes are on them. Klass is taking Turkey’s most popular single men under the lens this time. Here are Turkey’s top 7 singles.

7- Erdogan Demiroren

He owns a fortune of about a billion dollars and loves social life.
Jet-set beauties are starting a family again as they approach middle age
he agrees that he will not be delayed and to attract the attention of Mr. Yıldırım they’re competing against each other. Demirören holding’s handsome heir is in no hurry it doesn’t seem like. A girl suitable for the demure nature of her relatives Yıldırım Bey he thinks he’ll find it.

6- Emre Capa

Velihat of İzzet Çapa . The group’s locomotive, transport, is being asked about it. He owns a fortune of about a billion dollars. A period name is famous although he qualifies as a playboy because he is known for topmodels, he is actually the night he’s not a frequent visitor to his world. A very handsome and rich young man as a businessman, all eyes are on him, but he’s not thinking about marriage for now. As a handsome and successful businessman, the Çapa family is one of Emre Bey’s
he wants him to settle down and mingle with the children as soon as possible. From the news of this situation jet-set beauties make a great effort to attract the attention of Emre Bey he’s spending it now.

5- Ralf Tezman

He is one of the most popular and handsome names of jet-Set with his fast loves Ralf Tezman, heir to Tezman holding. Live well and have fun
he’s known for his fondness. Living a full” Dolce Vita ” life and always
it’s possible to see a beautiful lady with you. It is a family tradition
despite the fact that the family wanted him to enter the World house with his daughter, Ralf Tezman lived this sweet life for now, he is strongly opposed to leaving and starting a family. But what is the door of love
and you never know when it’s going to steal. Next thing we know, Mr. Ralf, we’re engaged to a young girl. he just put the ring on.

4- Selhan Aloglu

Sadat Aloglu’s handsome son Selhan Bey as himself, long time
when he broke up with Hilal Kosif, whom he was engaged to, he suddenly paid all the attention
translated. A fairly large environment, as it grows in social life
owner. Many lovers from the tabloid world until he became engaged to Hilal Kosif
had been. But this time, the family has confiscated it. Selhan Bey again
they don’t want him plunging into the tabloids. Pressure to get married
Although Selhan Aloglu is facing it for now, it seems that this situation will not last long
it seems.

3- Burak Varlıoğlu

Burak Varlıoğlu is still single because he cannot devote time to love from his busy work.Favorite families of social life follow him carefully, although he is not awareit makes. Both handsome, successful and the most popular in Turkey
he’s a partner in one of his firms. 27 years old businessman who graduated from Bilkenthe adorns the dreams of young girls with his charisma, elegance and gallantry.
Zen, which is not seen much in nightlife, lives his private life away from the mediaDiamond’s latest favourite Bachelor is young despite not wanting to give up the title the girls don’t seem to let it go.

2- Can Akcay

Azade Toner’s son, handsome stockbroker, one of the colorful faces of society life Can Akçay frequently takes part in night life stress of busy work lifehe’s known for throwing it over him. Jet-set’s achievements in the financial world Can Akçay, one of the young and successful representatives of jet-Set with his good looksit makes your beautiful young daughters ‘ hearts jump. Young, handsome, successful and the fact that he comes from an elite family makes him a list of favorite single she’s making his breaks. But Akçay still has not found the Sultan of his heart he probably didn’t sit at the wedding table.But now it’s time for marriage, and all the elite of Istanbul their parents are watching him.

1- Hakan Sabancı

Hakan Sabancı, one of the 3 sons of Ömer Sabancı and Arzu Sabancı, who was the chairman of TÜSIAD between 004-2007 and was also the chairman of the Board of Directors of Densa Denizcilik Holding, is the fourth generation representative of the Sabancı family.[1] he was born in Istanbul on June 17, 1993. His brothers are Hacı Sabancı and Kerim Sabancı.

Hakan Sabancı completed his education at the University of Southern California in the American state of California.[2] he currently serves as a member of the board of Directors of Densa Denizcilik holding.

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